De Fazio’s story began in 1979 thanks to Rocco De Fazio a young man from Ostuni a little village in Apulia. He moved from the south of Italy to the north looking for a better future.

He was born in a peasant family and he studied chemistry getting a degree. He has always loved chemistry like the famous writer Primo Levi who was his first chef from 1972 to 1979.


In 1979 Rocco decided to open his own company in Gassino Torinese, producing domestic and professional detergents.
Here he studied his new formulas and he created his first products that is body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hands soap, manual dishwashing.
He developed his own logo: a butterfly.
Soon businesses improved and he was able to open a bigger plant in San Raffaele Cimena.
Facing a lot of problems and obstacles he succeded in moving the production activity in another plant.
In 2000 Rocco bought a new 3000 m² building.
De Fazio has achived great goals thanks to his position in the wholesale market, specialized store and cleaning companies.
The company changed its hierarchical structure in 2006 when Rocco’s sons joined the society: Massimo the oldest one, graduated in chemistry who develops new products; Stefano, mechanical expert, who manages the warehouse and the production line; Federica graduated at the school of management and who deals with the administration area and the relationship with customers and suppliers.
Thanks to Rocco’s sons the company overtook its individual dimensions to become a PLC (Public Limited Company) in 2010.
De Fazio is taking care of the environment paying attention to its ingredients and production process.




Who we areProducts for cleaning and hygiene.

For 30 years we are manufacturers of industrial and household detergents in Turin, in recent years we have greatly refined the industrial sector, with a strong focus on products and ecological detergents.

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10090 San Raffaele Cimena (To)
Tel/Fax : (+39) 011 9811015
P.IVA 10402180011
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